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What Can We Help You With?


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PTSD is a nervous system disorder, not a psychological “mental illness.” We treat it very much as a physical injury. Our providers treat single incident and complex trauma, childhood sexual abuse, and more. Sarah Anderson specializes in healthcare worker trauma. Lauren specializes in first responders, complex trauma, and childhood sexual abuse.

First Responders

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Lauren, Paula and Sarah have experience working alongside Police and Firefighters with both Phoenix and Chandler Crisis Response teams. When selecting a counselor, look for someone who has been trained specifically in the treatment of trauma in First Responders. We are committed to your safety, privacy, and comfort as well as excellence in our service to you. You will never be asked to leave your weapon in your car and you will be met with understanding of your job and its culture.


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Catastrophic thinking is often a result of subconsciously over-estimating the possibility of threat and under-estimating our ability to cope with it. Lauren and Rhanda treat social and performance anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, symptoms of frequent worry, and avoidance behaviors.

Couples, Families, and Adolescents

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We understand how challenging it can be to fit a relationship into 50 minutes a week, so all couples appointments are offered in 1-3 hour slots. Paula specializes in children and adolescents.

For more information about treating adolescents, see link at top of web page.

Therapy is not just about "talking"

Therapy is best approached like taking a class where the subject is you. There is an introduction, some hard work, and graduation to the next level. The goal is to learn more about yourself and to grow. We make sure our clients always feel safe and in control of their process. Many of our patients tell us how terrified they were before starting counseling; how many of them have held on to memories or feelings of shame and guilt for many years and were afraid to talk about it. Counseling is less about talking or telling others the details of your story, and more about healing the body, mind, and soul. This can often be done with few words, as trauma and anxiety work is largely about feeling safe in the body and calming the nervous system. In trauma work, the past is processed until it no longer feels present in the mind and body.

Many of our clients have had great success in healing without ever having to describe or disclose the details of their trauma. We work at your pace. Trauma therapy should not look like walking into someone’s office and having to talk about all the terrible things you’ve experienced. Work is done with evidence-based neuropsychological exercises to begin the process of putting your nervous system back into balance, which reduces symptoms of anxiety and distress. We make sure you always know what we are doing and the science behind it.

We offer online scheduling through a secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal, so you can find a time and day that works best for you without ever having to wait for a call back. You can use a secure chat via this portal to message us any time in between sessions for non-emergency issues if needed, and we always try to respond within the same day. When selecting a counselor, be sure to ask about ongoing education, training beyond simply “Level 1 and Level 2 EMDR,” and years in practice. Our counselors have extensive training in trauma work, as well as other areas and modalities. We offer sessions in blocks of 1-3 hours for intensive work and results and provide a level of service and support not often found in therapy today.

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