Couples and Families

Effective communication skills is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, yet I see so many couples and families struggling with this due to road blocks, expectations, and misinterpretation of messages that lead to resentments. We interpret and react to the world and others based on our past experiences and how these affect our mental filters.

I work with couples and families to improve understanding of one another and to give them the skills to be more effective at home. I do not referee, allow people to bash, yell at, or “tell on” one another in sessions. Instead, I work to foster an atmosphere of safety where individuals can learn the skills needed to improve their relationships on their own, while giving each person the space and time to really feel heard by one another.

If you’re engaged to be married, newly wed, or even a couple in the early stages of your relationship, consider giving yourselves the best possible start with a solid foundation in healthy communication skills. My “Foundations in Communication” sessions offer a humorous, nonjudgmental, warm environment to explore personality, communication styles, and personal values and needs so that you can learn to honor your individuality as well as your partner’s. I teach couples about common roadblocks in communication, reflective listening skills, and learning to identify the heart of any conflict to avoid pitfalls that lead to escalation. I recommend 4-6 two-hour sessions to learn and practice these skills and create a solid foundation for your future. Consider giving the gift of this experience to a couple as an engagement or wedding gift!

I do not meet with anyone individually once I begin couple or family therapy, as this can create a dynamic of mistrust and interfere with the process.

We do not accept insurance for couple or family sessions, as all insurances require a “patient” and medical diagnosis for treatment to be covered and many do not cover this type of therapy.

One thing to consider when selecting a counselor is skill, therapeutic model, and experience. My training is Gottman Model (, Emotionally Focused Therapy ( and Virginia Satir (focus on relationships and systems rather than an “identified patient”).

My focus is on results and building skills you can use on your own. While many providers may take insurance, be sure to interview them about their approach.

Couples and family counseling should never be unstructured, refereed by a therapist, or allow people to make others feel emotionally unsafe or unloved during a session.

You can spend months and years with a traditional talk therapist, or participate in healing, meaningful interactions in a much shorter time.

We do not work with domestic violence issues.

For resources for domestic violence victims, please visit the following sites:

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

– Stephen R. Covey